Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is the curling season at the SoCal Curling?
A: We’re lucky enough to be able to curl all year. During that time we have “mini seasons” or leagues that run 4-6 weeks. We are working toward year round weekly curling. We encourage you to bring friends and family to experience curling. Sign up for one mini season, or all of them, the choice is yours.

Q: Can I be on a team if I don’t have a partner?
A: Yes — singles can sign up for any league and they will be placed on a team that needs additional members.

Q: I’m just a beginner—won’t I hold up the game?
A: No way! Curling has all levels of players with a wide range of abilities. Your skip and teammates can offer tips to help you keep the game moving along. Curling is an easy sport to pick up — beginners, novices and experienced curlers can all thoroughly enjoy a game together. As any curler will tell you, even the most seasoned veteran misses shots.

Q: What equipment do I need in order to curl?
A: Curling is a relatively inexpensive sport. All you really need to curl is warm, comfortable clothing, gloves, and flat, rubber-soled shoes (sneakers or running shoes often work well). The rink has brooms and some sliders available to curlers who are new to the game. Most new curlers purchase a slider that slips on over your own shoes for about $12.00. Once you have determined that this is the winter sport for you, an investment of under $150.00 can buy you specially designed curling shoes, a broom and gloves.